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2015 - Plastic rear tail gate button cover - need replacement?

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Hey guys,

Its quite tricky explaining this plastic piece and even trickier to find a replacement.
Basically the button on the rear tailgate you press to close it (situated just inside beside the latch) I have lost the plastic piece that holds the button in place.
Does anyone out here know the component name or a website I can purchase this part from and have it shipped to me in Canada :)

Eternally greatful for any input at all even if its just to call me a absolute plonker for loosing it in the first place 馃ぃ
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Is this it?

Found it in this diagram:

on the subaru parts site
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@GuusV I think thats the full electrical part, I literally just need the plastic cutout housing to hold the button in place.
P.s sorry for the massive delay and thanks for trying to help
Sometimes you just have to buy the assy...
I do not see the plastic button cover sold separately. You may have to bite the bullet and buy the assy. Around $35. Or a pull a part place??
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