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I have a 2016 Forester, in February '22 the intermittent blinking of the hazards started for me. I took it to a local dealership and a mechanic looked at it there for about 4 hours. I think he noticed a corroded wire as well and worked on that. But they tried swapping out different parts, from the hazard button itself to a relay switch, with no luck. At the time they didn't think they resolved the issue, but as I was driving home the blinking stopped and seemed to be fixed going forward. Fast forward 3 months and it started again. The tech at the dealership in February said that replacing the wiring harness could be the solution, which I hope is not the case as the estimate I was given for that work was not cheap. If anyone has had this issue fixed but return, would love to hear what your options were.
Hi Piper, I was wondering if the solution proposed worked for you too? The mechanics seem to be ignoring me.
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