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2015 Forester Premium - A piece of bumper fell off

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Hi there! I haven't come to this website for a while and now I noticed a much more elaborate forums/sub-forums. Hope I landed in the right sub-forum to post this question.

Anyway, I noticed a loud bumpy noise from the right tires this past Sunday but when I came home I looked around and could not find anything wrong with the tires.

Today (2 days later) I figure out the mysterious noise. It's the piece of -- I don't know what to call this plastic part, placeholder? -- on the right side of the car in the bumper that completely fell off. [See uploaded picture.]

Can you guys tell me what this piece should be called? What do you think I should do? Buy one from dealer and install it myself? My 2015 Forester just came out of the warranty in June. So I guess I will have to pay to get it fixed. But it's shame that this piece can easily fall off under normal driving.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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It's a blanking / cover plate for where fog lights are usually installed.
Thank you for the reply. I will buy one and try to install it myself.

Has this ever happened to other forum fellows? I am still figuring if I didn't anything out of the ordinary...
I lost both of those from my 2014 Forester XT Premium when I drove through some water during the Houston floods last year. It was super easy to replace. Replacements were about $25 apiece at the dealer, and it just pops in in an instant.
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@hot9000 or - add some more dollars and get fog lights installed. I would've thought they'd be handy when Karl visits SF?
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