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Your CVT was probably low on fluid when you purchased it. This is one of the reasons they had to extend the drivetrain warranty...
It's a well known issue that just about all of their NA vehicles with they regular CVT that were sold in the U.S. before 2018 came from the factory with low fluid. Usually 1/2-1 quart. Not enough to make a huge difference at first, but once you get some miles on it...
There were 3 service bulletins - TSB ID #WTJ-70, WTJ-70A and WTJ-70R - for low CVT fluid levels in some MY 2017 N/A Foresters, as I understand it only a few hundred made in mid 2016 were affected, not all CVTs.

See the 2017 Forester CVT Low Fluid Level Recall thread for more
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