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Man that really sucks. I suppose with no fluid it could go till it totally dried up.
Hard to trust anyone doing your maintenance.
I paid dearly to have the Ford dealer service do a flush on my Expedition and they screwed me by never dropping the pan or changing the inside filter, the next day I could not move as the tranny was a gallon shy of fluid! The dealer sent a mechanic with a gallon to add and it took it all. Suspecting abuse I checked underneath and saw that my exhaust guard had bent over the pan some and that there was no way they dropped the pan to service it. I know how to service it correctly and they just took my money. I sent a nasty letter to them stating I would never bring my Expedition back to the and that I just bought a new car and it wasn't even a ford. Welcome to Subaru and learning to do as much maintenance I can myself.
Even Subaru service is not perfect. I found out early with Subaru, won't be back for service there either.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts