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@Conk - Lawyer should be your last resort and probably isn't necessary..
If you paid someone to change the diff oil and it is dry, the repair/replacement should be on their dime.
If there was a leak that bad they should have told you about it.
I doubt that. Most likely, the oil was drained and while 3 other things were being done, they forgot to add oil back in.
It happens more often than you would think.
Get a repair estimate that details what needs to be done.
With your paperwork from your service visit and your estimate handy, call the shop or dealer and talk to a manager and explain what happened, and what you expect; That they repair or replace the component that was damaged due to their negligence. If you get the "we're not responsible" routine, tell them you doubt a judge will agree and they will also get to pay court costs.
Small claims court is easy to do and depending on your state you should be able to cover the expense of the repair.
It only costs you a filing fee, and the case looks like a slam dunk to me.
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