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2015 Forester 2.5i CVT
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Thanks for the quick reply and additional close up tire/wheel picture, great looking car! I"m assuming that's your Fozzy and that it's got about 2" lift?

I've installed Primitive Racing front and mid skidplates, going to make a rear diff plate. Have offroaded up in the mountains of Norcal several times and little bit of desert, lots of fun and love exploring! Was going to go for 225/65R17 AT tires on my stock rims, but really want more sidewall height than they provide for hardcore offroading. Been researching, reading here, watching videos, reading and comparing on TireRack, Americas Tire etc...would really like 1" taller than stock (same width) tires but that's getting hard to do since the 15" and 16" AT tires selection is slowly going away it seems. 225/75R15 would be perfect for my use according to my research, but again almost nothing available in this once popular size anymore and only like one Kenda Klever:

Most tires I've found are 235/75R15 and from my own measurements and watching peeps videos, these are going to require hammering/cutting inner fender pinch weld seams, probably more offset wheels (stock is +38mm, but looks like everybody uses 15x7 +15mm offset). Looks like 16" wheels with stock offset might work, but 15" think it needs to move out away to clear the front brake calipers, what's minimum offset to do this? I've done these mods to my old Toyota 4x4 rock crawler and can do them to my Forester but not sure I want to.

Looked at 16" tires/wheels too, but they tend to be D and E load range (too stiff for our cars) and the height is also about 29" or more.

Also worried about how long my CVT will last running this tall a tire, stock is about 27.6" tall, these range from 28.8"-29.2" from my online research. Mishimoto CVT cooler on the way to be installed and then a CVT full flush, it's been drained and filled couple times over the years. Appreciate any and all suggestions. :)
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