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Hello, I'm suddenly having an issue with my 2015 Forester. A few days ago, while I was driving I had 3 warning lights turn on simultaneously: ABS, Vehicle stability control, Hill Assist. :surprise: No noticeable change in driving. They came on sporadically for the next couple of days, and are now coming on shortly after starting the vehicle. This morning, I stopped at Dunkin and when I restarted my vehicle they instantly came on and I could not shift the vehicle out of park. I waited about 15 seconds, and then it released and I was able to shift to Reverse.

Probably not related, but the first time the lights came on was just a few mins after my windshield wiper fluid warning came on (I'm pretty sure it is a correct indicator as I've used a lot of fluid over the past several weeks). I haven't gotten a chance to refill yet.

Has anyone experienced this before?
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