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Hello Everyone,

A couple weeks ago I was part of a 3 car crash ending up with my car being rear-ended. Instead of hitting my car directly into the bumper, her smaller sedan went under mine and the main impact was to the underside of my forester. This was the damage I have found so far:

1. Bumper is done, compressed into the metal frame underneath.
2. Both my WRX mufflers are bent badly in opposite directions.
3. I believe my midpipe is also bent due to the impact.
4. Rear door is bent in at the bottom, and pushed to the right about .75 of an inch.

My BIG concern is the damage to the underbody panel (where my spare tire sits). It was completely crumpled.

The third parties' insurance gave me an initial claim of $1700 for the damage. When I dropped it off at the body shop (Bellevue, WA), the estimator thought everything was ok until he say the damage to the underbody panel. He told me that he thinks it will likely be a total due to year of the car, and mileage (94,000).

Any thoughts or experience with this type of damage?

Thank you!


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I've seen worse (a lot worse) repaired, but it all comes down to the estimate.
Insurance companies go for a total when the repair cost gets anywhere close to 50% of the car's value.
It looks like your car is somewhere between $9K to $14K in value, so any estimates north of $4500 and they may say it's totaled.
The actual decision is yours. To me it looks like it could be repaired and brought back, but then it's a car with nearly 100K on the clock....
You can take the settlement money and get the car repaired, with a risk that a major problem could be discovered, but you would also not get the total value of the car in that case.
Research your car's value (KBB is a pretty good one) with all of your options and details and you will have a better idea of the actual value.
You don't have to agree with the insurance company, and it's clearly not your fault, so keep your options open to negotiate a fair settlement.
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