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Bought my first Subaru about a month ago, it's all good but I found that low beams driving in night is not good enough for nowadays. They are at least 50% worst than my BMW had (P.S. the reflectors and glass looks as new). Yes - 2014 XT has xenons, but in standard reflector a.k.a do not have lenses.

So, I would really appreciate if someone could give me a hint where to look, I got so far:
1) I saw some DIY videos of fitting xenon lenses into old headlights (seems to me impossible to do it according to local law etc.)
2) I found some "plug and play" models in ebay/amazon/aliexpress, but not sure if they are good for my car..

P.S. if I install new healights with xenon lenses, don't I also need some kind of leveler for the headlights to know on what level the car is?
P.S.S. is You have found some LED solutions on the market, also feel free to share.

Thanks, will wait for this
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