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Bought it used with only 6500 miles. Has been losing or using small amount of oil between changes. Finally tested it and was told it failed. New boxer engine shortblock has been ordered and will be installed in next few weeks. Was told they give me a loaner while my engine is exchanged. Current engine now has just over 47,000 miles. I love the car and really enjoy driving it. Very comfortable ride and gets 33 to 33.5 mpg on flat highways from Greenville, SC to Daytona, Fl. Usually the same going back. Have usually been adding 1/2 qt oil between oil changes.

Would like to hear from those who have experienced good things from new engine replacement. Have a friend who had his changed out at 99,000 miles and said the car ran very well following the change without losing any oil. Also said, he noticed a good deal more pep in the response.
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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

The Google custom forum search is pretty good. :wink:

You can ask your technical questions here: Technical Forums and Vehicle Assistance


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