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2014 Subaru Forester Transmission Noise When Decelerate

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Hi, Im buying wrecked Subarus and restore them, and that's a lot of fun :)

Lately, I picked up pretty nice 2014 Forester Limited, with only 65k miles. It had some damage to the passenger front suspension along with pass axle. I swapped all the parts, fixed the body and when it was ready I drove off the shop and immediately noticed heavy noise from the center of the car when I decelerate. Transmission shift perfect, no any lights on dash, drives great, BUT men this noise from the transmission of the transfer case ( I guess it is transfer case, between engine and transmission, where the axles go to), whenever I decelerate it is roaring noise that you can't miss.

Any advice? Should I just swap the CVT or NOT ???

Transmission is not expensive and I have pretty good mechanical skills but I've never done it on subaru. Not sure how hard/easy that is???

Also, Not sure if new transmission has to be re-learned or re-programmed???

Any advice and/or procedure on the this issue or transmission swap will be very much appreciated.

Below some picture of before and after.



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Impact may have damaged front diff since axle shaft was bad, that would be my place to check before tranny.
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