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Stumble at exactly 8 psi boost, any ideas?

New issue that I haven't been able to turn up with a search. During a recent road trip, 100 deg F temp, oil at 215F, stock tune, 70mph for 3.5 hours started experiencing a stumble at exactly 8 psi boost on MFD. Almost feels like a trans slip or bind but only happens at 8 psi boost. Can replicate over and over, coming into 8 from 7 and back to 8 from 9. If I hold at 8 it continues. Otherwise boosts normally, no loss of boost at max. Happens in I, S and S# modes.

2014 XT, 98k miles. Only change recently was CVT pan remove/reseal/refill by dealer roughly 500 miles ago. Multiple confirmation at dealer that HT fluid required. Asked them to check software updates at that time but they said no updates were needed or performed.

What happens at 8 PSI trigger? ECU, FI, BPV, CVT? Any insights or thoughts appreciated.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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