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2014 stock navigation question

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2014 navigation outputs question

I searched, but could not find the answer, so I apologize if this has already been answered.

Does anybody know what outputs the stock navigation head unit (I have a 2.5i limited w/nav) has on the back? I really would rather not take apart the dash until I am ready. I am thinking of adding an amp inside the dash, (potentially looking at this: Alpine KTP-445U 4-channel Power Pack Amplifier: Car Electronics), and would like to know if it has low level (rca) outputs, or if I would need to use the speakers outputs?
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As is the case with most OEM HUs, none of the made-for-Subaru HU models have any rear RCA jacks.

Recent Forester nav HUs are made by Fujitsu Ten. I'm guessing yours is this one:
Electronics Vehicle Multimedia Car Technology

These FT nav HUs have Toyota-style sockets, with only 4 main speaker outputs (the tweeters on the dash near the A pillars are wired in parallel with the front doors' speakers). No line-level outs or sub out.

Rear of 2012 model (looks virtually identical to 2014):
Electronics Technology Electronic device

More pictures of rear of 2012 STi model and its factory harnesses here (post #4 in that thread). I posted pin-outs in post #9 of that same thread.

So your only option is to use the HU's high-level (amplified) speaker outputs. The good news is that I now have a harness for that (combined "forward"/reverse harness with Toyota style power/speaker connectors). For more info, contact me via e-mail (not PM) -- see my homepage link.

The USDM 2014 Forester Touring models add a harman/kardon amplifier, which takes the 4 outputs from the FT nav and generates 8 outputs (two speakers on each rear door, one on each front door, and two dash tweeters). Some pics and more info in this thread: questions about the 2014 harman kardon 8 speaker systems
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When i got the sidemaker LEDs from japan it came with an easy wiring harness for a japan headunit. it was like something fewer pins then the us model.
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