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I'm about to change out the rear wheel hub on both sides** of my 2.5i Limited Forester (mileage: 37,025), but want to be 100% certain of the correct torquing procedure and torque spec before I start.

I THINK you tighten the rear axle nuts to 140 ft-lbs (and the front ones to 162 ft-lbs) but I'll be danged if Google has been any help on this question. Can anyone confirm these numbers?

There's even debate about HOW to torque these 32mm axle nuts, but again I THINK this is best done with the vehicle "up in the air" (i.e. not "on the ground") so that there's no preload on the bearings. If you guys have the prescribed method (or wanna share your favorite way) to get this done right, I'm all ears.

THANKS! - Libra

**NOTE: The dealership wanted "$400 each side" for this straightforward repair (since my powertrain warranty ended in July of 2018) after confirming both my rear bearings were going bad (making "motor boat" groaning/whirring speed-dependent noise above 30 MPH). Nice to be saving over $600 by doing it myself, but... I still had to pay them $140 for the inspection and confirming my diagnosis, unfortunately! Will change out the rear brake pads at the same time.
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