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2014 2.5i Limited CVT
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I have a 2014 2.5i Forester, with about 38k miles.

In the last week, the A/C has been acting strange. (I'm in DC, and it's generally hot out.)

On cold starts, it does fine. Blows cold.

While driving, generally it does ok, although it's been feeling certainly a little weaker than when I first bought it.

Then, in park, at the end of some city driving, it blows completely unconditioned air. This is the case with recirc mode both on and off.

If I turn the car off, and wait about 20 mins, then it's back to life.

Any ideas?

I have a gold warranty, and want to understand the possible issues before I get it serviced, as I imagine they're going to tell me the system needs charging.

Also, any tips on what to ask/demand the dealership to do or test when it's in for service?

Thanks very much.
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