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it spent 30 mins flashing up every single text message I had gotten over the last week.
This. My wife and her mother like to bombard me with a dozen texts within a few minutes instead of saving up one long message. NOTHING is more frustrating when you are relying on your Navigation screen and it gets completely blocked by these messages. You manually have to clear the screen for each one, a two button press process! So annoying. I shut that **** off right quick! It's an optional setting in your phone's bluetooth setting (Settings>Bluetooth> (i) next to CAR MULTIMEDIA>Show Notifications (On/Off) I thought having Siri would maybe allow me to reply hands-free, but I haven't gotten that to work, Siri has been making my HU think I'm making a call, it's weird and doesn't work.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts