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I wanted to introduce the newest edition to our family - a ‘14 turbo Forester. This is our first Subaru, but I’m not a stranger to used vehicles, 4x4 vehicles, etc. I think that this Forester has every possible option checked on the factory build sheet (which I found in the glovebox). So far, it’s been a great vehicle for us. The Subaru replaced three older vehicles in our little household fleet - including a ‘95 Wrangler, an ‘07 Caliber, and an ‘01 Wrangler.

The modifications will start slow as I get my wife/fiancé more comfortable with aftermarket parts (she’s been a 100% stock vehicle person her whole life vs. me who can’t bear to keep something stock). So far I’ve installed a new battery, changed the oil and filter, swapped in some amber LED fogs and load resistors, replaced all of the wiper blades, and cut 2 spare keys.

Thank you all in advance for your assistance. This forum has already been very helpful!


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