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2014 Forester Automatic
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2014 Forester automatic.
I just replaced all brakes and rotors, also replaced air filter. I had issues getting the ABS light to go off. Unconnected battery for hour and no joy. Removed brake switch at pedal, disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled. ABS light cleared.

Started car up next day and cruise control light on dash blinked. I couldn't turn it on/off with switch.

Started it today and cruise control light comes on but speed won't set.

Could I have damaged something at wheels?

I disconnected the electrical plug on top of air box so I could remove lid changing to replace air filter. Could this be culprit?


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@JulianDKay note that @HRCFOR14 hasn't signed onto the forum since he created this thread, so you may not get a reply. You could send him a PM - Private Message... now called a "conversation" on this new site. He's optioned to receive an e-mail notification, so you could receive a reply to your question.


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