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2014 Forester 6MT
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Was driving today and the clutch went all the way to the floor and I was unable to get the car into gear... Had to get it flatbed towed home and it's currently sitting disabled in my driveway, awaiting service. I looked around and I can't really find any information on fixing this myself, it appears the clutch master cylinder failed - its leaking fluid when I depress the clutch. I assume this is something I should let a shop handle. as the system can be very difficult to bleed properly. Any insight on this? I'm pretty mechanically inclined, but without a good guide or video to go off of, I'm not super confident of my ability to get my car back on the road in a timely fashion.

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2014 Forester 6MT
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It was pretty simple to fix the problem... I replaced the hose and hardline between the MC and SC just to be sure there were no leaks there. Took my time to get air out of the system with the Motive Power Bleeder kit and a vacuum bleeder. Super simple job, glad I took a few hours to do this myself. The hardest part was getting the old hard line off the master cylinder, it was practically fused and even using the flare wrench caused it to round off and be nearly impossible to remove.

Ratchet and various extensions
12mm Socket
14mm Socket (banjo bolt)
10mm flare nut wrench
8mm wrench
Motive Power Bleeder w/ 0107 adapter
Bleeder Bottle and hose
Vice Grips for when the hard line bolts strip


Master Cylinder: 37230FJ021
Hose: 37251AC001
Hard Line: 37250FJ010
Copper Washers: 114130151

Before starting, pull the air intake tube out so you can get to the slave cylinder

1. Disconnect the clutch pedal from the Master Cylinder actuator in the cabin

2. Remove the rubber hose from the top of the Master Cylinder that runs from the brake fluid reservoir

3. Remove the hard line from the master cylinder
4. Remove the two nuts that fasten the Master Cylinder to the firewall and pull the Master Cylinder out
5. Follow the hard line to the bracket and pull the clip out with a pliers
6. Remove the banjo bolt from the top of the Slave Cylinder

7. Pull the line through the bracket and install the new line set
8. Install a washer on top of the slave cylinder, the new hydraulic line, and a washer, and then finally, the banjo bolt, then tighten the banjo bolt down
9. Attach the hardline to the master cylinder
10. Reattach the rubber hose on top of the master cylinder
11. Adjust and attach the master cylinder actuator to the pedal
12. Follow the instructions in the Motive power bleeder kit to connect the kit to the clutch system
13. Attach hose and bleeder bottle to the master cylinder. Crack the bleeder on the master cylinder until it runs without bubbles
14. Close the bleeder
15. Attach the bleeder hose to the slave cylinder, and bleed until there are no air bubbles
16. Close the bleeder and clean up, then replace the air intake and check your work.

If the pedal engagement feels off, check the adjustment on the master cylinder actuator. I had to lengthen it a bit to get the pedal to engage where it did before.
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