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2014 - Brake locked on push button start? - Updated!

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My wife stopped for gas, turned off the car, then turned the radio on. After filling up, she tried to start with push button start. The brake pedal was locked and would not allow her to depress it (mandatory to start vehicle). Unfortunately, she can not recount the exact sequence of button presses she went through for the next 5 minutes, but the brake finally unlocked. Is there a safety feature that prevents the car from starting that was activated? If so, how do we avoid it and how do we unlock it?
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Perhaps you cannot start it from the accessory position (Orange light?).

Maybe she pushed the button more times (with foot off brake) to get it back to off and then depressed the brake while pushing to start?
Nevermind, this is from the OM: . "When the push-button ignition switch is pressed while depressing the brake pedal, the engine can be started regardless of the status of the push-button ignition switch."

It also says the brake pedal may feel stiff when the ignition is off, so perhaps she just was not pushing hard enough?

If it happens again, I would try putting the car in the on position (push the button (2-3?) times with car off and foot off the brake), apply the parking brake, shift to Neutral, and then try starting the car from the off position.

Edit: I could not find anything about the brake pedal not depressing in the owners manual. :shrug: Sorry.
Stiff vs. locked

While I am sure she knows the difference between stiff and locked, I am going to try to replicate the situation this weekend and will give your suggestion a try if it happens. Sincerely appreciate the feedback!
Maybe left it in Drive?
Not sure I could get her to admit it, but I think the suggestion that she may have left it in drive could be the answer. Wish me luck...LOL
has anyone found a reason for this? started experiencing the same for a couple of weeks and it's starting to bother me.
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