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OK, so here's an odd thought that just started pinballing in my head....

Can a single head unit connect bluetooth to 2 phones...?

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I think that the Bluetooth technology can allow for it, but now I just wonder if the Subaru system can handle it... Hmm...

The reason? I use one phone for calls and the like. But I use the other (what I call my work phone) for Waze/GPS.

So would the Subaru Bluetooth enabled head unit work with 2 phones at one time...?

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Yes Bluetooth technology is more than capable of handling several devices. I've found however that in my 2011 Forester, the car's memory can only store one device at a time.
The Bluetooth hardware that Subaru users is very cheap. Difficult to connect to and lacks many features of modern Bluetooth devices. Autoconnect being the big one.

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It's a frustrating omission. With my 2012 Mazda, I can have both my personal and work phones connected. If a call comes in on either phone, it connects thru the Bluetooth just fine. When I place a call, I don't recall which phone it uses, but it works fine. Subaru should weigh in and comment on this problem. Except for this major issue, we love the vehicle.
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