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2017 FXT (Quartz Blue Pearl)
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It fits! There it is before I put the grille/ intake back and a shot of my brackets to attach the AC core.

View attachment 551297 View attachment 551298

More bracket pictures.

View attachment 551300 View attachment 551301

I needed to shorten both ends of the upper radiator hose to keep it from rubbing on things. I also needed to place a fat washer under the upper radiator mounts because its just a little bit taller at the pegs than stock.
I will report back with temps after some driving, We should be seeing our hot weather here soon.

this looks great man. great info. and great pictures. I, however, do not have the tools or expertise to fab up brackets as well as you did. looks intricate. thanks for the thread and i'll keep this radiator in mind...
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