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2014 - alternate oil filer for 2.5 engine (non-turbo)?

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Has anyone every seen or heard of an alternate oil filter to the 15208AA15A ?
I'm looking for a filter with a larger capacity. Years ago on a VW Passat there was a turbo designated filter that could be used on the non-turbo engine.
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Looks good.

However, don't believe the part about the anti-drainback valve preventing dry starts. No vendor's valve prevents that.

On the FB engine with it's top-mounted filter, the oil drains back into the engine through the center threaded hole. Every start is a "dry" start.
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Some people feel that the cardboard end caps on some Fram filters are OK.

However, I would think that the oil is able to bypass the filter element and sneak around the edges of the cardboard end caps and back out through the center port.

There are just way too many competent filters on the market to justify putting up with crap.

Update: Looking at the photos again, it appears that the anti-drainback valve on the bottom and the over-pressure valve on the top prevent the oil from doing an end-run around the cardboard end caps.

The filters still are crap IMO.
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