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2013 - New tires Rubbing front struts 225/65/17 - is there such a thing as higher seated struts?

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hey y'all somewhat new to this community, but am looking for some help here.

I cannot find a forum anywhere for this. I put 225/65/17 Wildpeak AT3 on my stock 13' 2.5x. I have a tiny bit of rubbing on my front struts and want to either get higher seated struts in the front. or I'd like to offset my tires with some new wheels.

I already did some trimming/grinding in the back wheel well to stop the rubbing back there. when I hit bumps I still rub a bit and plan to get a 1" ADF lift to avoid that. But need to change my suspension or wheels asap to stop the rubbing in the front. turn rubbing is not the issue, there is a tiny bit of that and i plan to cut that plastic out, but i need to stop the rubbing on my front struts.
Is there such a thing as higher seated struts to avoid the wheels? or am I crazy? Let me know so I can end my search for these "higher seated struts" and just Drop some cash on new wheels 馃槶
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@LilHoag9 A wheel spacer might suffice or else, as you say, a different offset wheel. Coil-overs may be available for your model and as your car is 10 years old that might be a good swap (unless you've recently replaced the struts)
Yeah i'm looking into new coil over/struts just don't know what i'm looking for exactly. i just know the spot where the spring sits needs to be thinner or higher to prevent the rubbing on the front. if i can replace that in the front then i can get away with just a lift in the rear as well i believe, as long as i get spacer to recenter the tire... i think. been reading a lot, i need to get this work done asap before i ruin the tires.
If you are currently using the stock rims with +48 offset, then I would recommend finding a set of rims with +40 to +42 offset. I am not the biggest fan of spacers.
This is an answer I'm looking for, thank you. I am currently on stock rims and was unsure what size offset would be safe as I am not a fan of spacers either, I have heard too many stories about them. the rims offset and the ADF 1" in front 1.5" in back i think will work great.
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