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2013 (MY14) Forester Diesel
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I've got a 2013 (MY14) Forester Diesel. Bought it 2nd hand with about 70,000km on it. The mechanic that had been servicing the car before I bought it has definitely made some good money off it! They replaced the DPF, did a turbo soak, and many "diagnostics" about 4 months before I bought it, and blamed the previous owner's driving habits. I visited the workshop and was given the rundown of all previous work on the car, and then told I would probably need to get them to do a turbo soak and send the DPF off for cleaning. Nothing was really fixed from the previous servicing, and I'm guessing that's why the previous owner sold it.

Everything about the car is great, except the constant DPF regens.

Whether I am driving locally, or on the motorway, the soot level just keeps on rising. A couple of days I've had it regen morning and afternoon, all motorway driving at 100km/h for about 100km in total. Oil dilution has gone to 8% and I changed the oil about 2000km ago, resetting the dilution ratio when I did the change.

I've replaced the DPF pressure sensor with a Goss sensor, and the hard plastic pipe from the turbo to intercooler has also been swapped out for a new hose. I've installed a catch can to help with the oil vapor. I've cleaned and tested the EGR valve, and cleaned the intercooler. I've also used a few bottles of injector cleaner. The issue has been there long before I have done any of this, and I'm pretty much out of ideas now. I know it's not right. There's next to no difference between whether I drive the car really gently or normal. On the motorway, I'm in 6th gear doing 100km, my L/100km is about 6.4-7L max and I'm not accelerating hard, but in about 20 minutes I've seen the soot level go from 0-50%.

My oil level is barely 1mm under the top hole on the dipstick. I've been told oil level can affect DPF issues greatly but I'm sure that's the correct level for this and any other car, right?

Any help would be amazing.

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