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Hey, no idea if this is the right place, but here goes:

For the fourth time since late July, my CEL and traction control lights are lit up. Cruise flashing, does not work. Current mileage on the car is about 63,800. It has been well-maintained, no other issues.

Dealer 1 wanted to charge $797 to replace EVAP canister. Got second opinion. Dealer 2 said, yup, this is the fix, and charged me $495.

ONE WEEK later: CEL, traction control lit up, cruise flashing. Back to dealer 2. This time, it was a purge valve solenoid fix for $196 albeit over two visits (no part)

ONE WEEK later: CEL, etc etc same problem. In this time period I had two long car trips, so no cruise for either. NOT HAPPY.

Going back awhile, in 2017 at mileage 49,000 dealer 1 identified a computer misfire code "P0303" and "P0304" stored in ECM software for this exact problem. Tech updated software and the fix lasted until 60K.

So, any help appreciated. My employer is starting to get suspicious about these weekly trips to the dealer, esp. for a Subaru.
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