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I just picked up a 2011 Forester that had a 2016 outback motor installed in it. I am getting a TGV and crankshaft error code.

First the TGV. I’m getting a P2006/P2007 code. I took the old TGVs and plugged them in and started the motor. The code went away. Then I tried swapping the actuators from the 11 to the 16... codes came back. Next I figured I would just swap over the intake and use the old one. That won’t work because the TGV to the head are different. More on this thought in a minute.

They could probably mount up but there is so little gasket coverage in the corners I don’t really want to risk a leak. My only other thought here would be to use rtv instead of the standard gasket since it would have more coverage and just go that route. I did just mount the TGV and score a line around the outside and it does look to have good coverage if I just use a sealant or make gaskets that cover all the surface. It isn’t a seamless transition on the inside but I’m not going for HP so not sure it would make much of a difference.

So, now I’m looking at why the newer style won’t work. It’s because the new actuators move in the OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS from the old style. So here’s my million dollar question... would it be possible to swap coming from the ECU (pins 4 and 5 in the picture below) and make the actuators run reverse? It seems like they should because the new ones are.

Any other thoughts would be great.

As for the crankshaft error I believe it is because instead of using the sensor and pickup (mounted under the flywheel) they kept the 16 one on. I believe that is why I’m getting the error. To test if my theory is correct on that one I have to pull the engine and swap them out..... not looking forward to that one.

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