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We've had a hell of a time with our 2011 Subaru Forester (71K miles) due to excessive oil consumption, short block repairs and then ultimate replacement, and poor service at the dealer. Below is a summary of where we've been and our current issue - ticking noise from the engine that may be indicative of failing lifters. Unfortunately the extended warranty that was tied to the class action lawsuit expired on July 28, we are out of warranty, but still experiencing engine issues.

Appreciate your thoughts - should we ditch the car and cut our loses? Or further investigate the noise and repair? Could the failing lifters be related to the short block repair, 2.5 years later? Doesn't seem likely. I filed a claim with Subaru of America but not sure they can/will do anything for us.

Purchased car new in July 2011

December 2015 (45,416 miles)
  • Driving to Canada, check engine light came on
  • Subaru Canada Diagnosis: “Front A/F sensor has been damaged due to excessive timing cover oil leak. Right cam carrier leaking oil as well. Requires cam carriers to be resealed and front A/F sensor replacement. Unable to cover under warranty as US vehicle. Would be covered under warranty if purchased in Canada” PAID $116 (CND)
January 4, 2016 (46,196 miles)
  • Local Subaru Service Dealer disputes Subaru Canada Service’s claim that the A/F sensor was damaged from the oil leak. They indicate that there is a vacuum leak at brake booster, cam cases are leaking oil onto exhaust. Ordered brake booster parts, scheduled time to re-seal cam case
January 14, 2016
  • Local Subaru Service Dealer: Cams resealed (warranty) and brake booster repair ($621.31)
January 27, 2016
  • Concern raised: Noises from belts
  • Local Subaru Service Dealer: Nothing wrong
November/December 2016
  • Appointment w/ local mechanic for routine service
  • Local mechanic: Car is two quarts low on oil. Provides us Service Bulletin indicating short block repair recommended
November/December 2016
  • Local Subaru Service Dealer: Started excessive oil consumption test.
December 30, 2016 (54,370 miles)
  • Finish oil consumption test
  • Local Subaru Service Dealer: Oil consumption test failed, tried to first convince us that Subarus burn oil and that it was normal.
  • We were persistent and got them to schedule a short block replacement
January 9-13, 2017
  • Short block replacement (warranty)
February 3, 2017 (54,913 miles)
  • Bring in for leak
  • Local Subaru Service Dealer: front differential leaking and also rear recommended for repair (paid $79.07)
May 5, 2017 (56,735 miles)
  • Local mechanic diagnosis: 1,500 miles on new short block, still leaking oil. Leaks identified on left and right side of engine, coolant reservoir was empty
May 10, 2017
  • Back to Local Subaru Service Dealer: Re-seal engine, blamed 3 M sealant which was a known issue according to our internet research
June 28, 2017
  • More oil leaking, went back to local mechanic to inspect and confirm
  • Local mechanic diagnosis: Appears that either two different sealants were used on the engine OR that only one side was re-sealed, coolant low, tools left on engine block, nut only finger tightened
July 2017
  • Back to Local Subaru Service Dealer: Master mechanic at dealer replaced short block
August 2019 (71K miles)
  • Went to local mechanic to repair a clogged AC hose, mechanic indicates that ticking noise coming from the engine which could be failing lifters. They indicate the only way to confirm is to open up the engine and take a look (~$800).
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