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hey guys, just went out and bought a new Y-pipe and Both passenger and driver side mufflers to fix my current situation with my forester. the driver side muffler is what broke, right at the muff base where the pipe is welded to drop inside the housing. my current problem now is to get the mufflers and the Y-pipe off.
From the resonator to the Y pipe it looks like the factory was able to just fit them together to stay in place. seeing that. i have no way of getting the Y Pipe off without a welder or a saw of sort. i do not have those skills for that. i can screw and bolt stuff together. i cant even get the mufflers off of the rubber pieces to put the new ones on. any help with this stuff???

before you answer those answer this: is it necessary for the Y pipe? if so why? if not can i go to as single flow exhaust for cheaper than the 350 i spent on parts today? i still need flange gaskets or washers/whatever they're called to attach the Y pipe to the mufflers but if i cant do any of this myself i see no point than to go for a cheaper single pipe (aftermarket) to save money and pass inspection sooner. trying to kill two birds with one stone here and get a slightly louder exhaust so i don't have to read rpms all day and keep my eyes on the road and off my dash. i live in Mass so i need something that will get me by inspection wise but will be enough for me to hear my car.

Let me know!!
thanks everyone!
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