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I was surprised to learn that late 3rd generation (2011-2013 -SH) and early 4th generation (2014-2016 SJ) USDM Foresters were actually deprived of some really cool under-hood bling.
Apparently, our JDM cousins got this cool Mini-XT style cover as standard while the US model makes due with an uber-minimalist bow tie shaped contraption that barely covers the serpentine belt

NEWS FLASH!- This cover ONLY fits the normally aspirated 2.0 and 2.5 FB engines. It is a much more substantial piece and actually covers the entire homely alternator assembly and the belts for a nice finished look, unlike the US version.

More good news, It doesn’t interfere with anything else under the hood either!! This was a concern because of my CAI. If anyone is interested, here are both the part numbers you’ll need:

14025AA390- Collector Cover- Engine
Prices online are between $95-$150

14096AA020- Grommet- Collar Cover Your local Subaru dealer -$7

I was able to order mine from SubieSpeed. They had good price and really fast shipping. Couldn’t ask for better.

Here are the installation pics..

Use a 10mm socket to loosen the retention bolt on right side of the alternator cover. Pull it straight up and remove.


Attach the new grommet in the open keyhole slot toward the right side of the metal brace opposite the existing one. The retention pins on the underside of the new cover will lock in to these grommets when you’re finished.


Finally, align the retention pins over the grommets and firmly push down to secure the front of the cover. You will also need two 1/4” diameter retention pins to lock the two rear tabs in place on the intake manifold and you are finished. (Any auto parts store)


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I just wish it was bigger... Like what's on the Outback with the 2.5 NA motor...

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