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2011 Forester threw the P1449 code (EVAP issue).
I saw quite a few posts here, here2, and others I can't seem to find now mentioning yellow sac spiders like to spin webs in the EVAP piping.
Well, it was true on mine, so I wanted to post the pictures to help anyone else who has the issue.

In the 2011 model years of Forester, the charcoal canister was located inside the car, behind the back seats in the trunk/spare tire area.

Here's one labeled for easier viewing.

I started by opening the filter box (compression clips) to see if the filter was compromised. It was not in my case, so the effected area was only a few pipes.
I disconnected the pipe on the bottom of the filter, it's only about 12" long. Those clips can pop loose with a small flat head screwdriver, pulling out but not off. The tubes then pull off the fittings.
Inspecting the tube I found spiderwebs.

In the bottom of the opening, center, you can see just a little bit of yellow blur in the shape of a circle. Yes, that is the spider's butt.
While getting ready to the tube out, I took a video and the spider sensed danger and jumped out, I was able to catch a still frame of it.

I blew out the tube, then ran water through it and blew it out a second time, hoping the water would bind to webs and such and help blow them out since they're so small and lite.
I did that for the tube that goes outside the car as well, even though my scope camera didn't show anything.
Reconnecting that tube was difficult, I had to pop out the rubber between the outside and inside of the car in order to push down hard enough to properly seat it and re-clip the red and green clips. Those things are a pain.

Reset the CEL, it came back, did it again, and we seem to have fixed the issue.

Good luck to anyone else who has the issue!

2011 Subaru Forester XP
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I've been chasing the P1449 spider demon as well for the past couple of weeks. We did the smoke test, replaced all of the hoses as part of a TSB that relocates the breather valve higher and closer to the fill neck for the fuel. That did nothing. I replaced the Leak Detection Pump today with a new one. Upon inspection of the old pump there were spider webs clogging the hose on the bottom. All seems well with a tick over 100 miles on the odometer and the relearn idle function is complete. The filter was dirty from the blockage of fumes/fuel.

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2014 Forester XT Touring, CVT
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I have a 2014 Forester XT Touring. 17K mi. It threw the CEL code P 1449. After reading the comments here I took it to the dealership, Hodges nr. Detroit. They cleaned out the spiders for $127.00.
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