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Hello all, first of all thanks for your time, I am trying to figure out if I need to replace my brake booster or not on my Forester 2010 with 150k miles:

- Symptoms:
Brake pedal feels soft to the press
After releasing the pedal it goes all the way up without issues.
Hear hissing sound when press pedal
Brakes work perfectly fine
(stops on a dime)
Brakes apply evenly ( I dont get pull from one side or another when I slam them)
Valve/Hose tested ( took it out, blew on one end and it went through, blew on the other and it did not).
Brakes have been bled at least 3 times. Same behavior
Turn engine off, I get 3 pedal pushes until the pedal goes stiff (each one increasingly hard)
Press pedal to floor, turn off engine and the pedal raises a bit and hardens BUT it doesnt pushes my foot all the way up.
The pedal never hardens while the engine is on.

- Things I have tried:
Slamming the brakes - in an empty parking lot - (I heard/read that that could help with soft brakes)
Bleeding brakes. No air in the system. brake fluid is at this point new.

Background story: I got the suv from an auction as totaled. Rear driver side suspension was completely destroyed (that was the reason for flagging it as totaled). Replaced wheel ( the wheel was missing 25%... I dont know what the accident might have been) arms, shock, HOSE LINE, (EVERYTHING, suspension related) etc It has been on a workshop for alignment (they also checked suspension and said it was fine). It also passed state inspection for getting it on the road again ( although I heard that those are not really hard to pass).

I know that different cars would have different feel to the brakes, but this one feels a LOT softer than my Honda Fit.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again!

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Don't see anything wrong. Maybe check. Pedal free play. My wife drives a nissan leaf and thinks our Subaru brake pedal is too soft.

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