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2010 - side mirror assembly, heated vs non heated same?

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Hello folks I am trying to figure out if the side mirror assembly for the forester 2010 is the same for heated vs non heated. Mine has heated mirrors but I need to replace the full divers side assembly( it is almost completely busted) and I found a full non heated assembly in a junyard for a VERY nice price.
The busted assembly still has the wiring and some parts, so I was thinking about buying the non heated assembly and then making some tweaks and getting the heated glass separately.


Thanks a lot for your time!
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According to my Subaru Service Manual the harness and connectors to the heated mirror are different form the non-heated one, but it is impossible in the manual, based on how it is written, to know if there are any other differences and what any of them look like. An if there are, they will be internal rather than external and associated with the harnesses one would think. The mirror glass itself should be interchangeable, given how the mirror itself is made and mounted.

The other option is to find a heated mirror assembly that meets your budget.

Like maybe from here:
Sometimes the "cheap" option is the most expensive.
You might find a non-working mirror is the result.
It shouldn't be too hard to find a used mirror in a yard and you'd have a lot less "fun" with trying to make something work.
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