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Did you manage to ask any of the mechanics what they actually checked?

Saying they “checked”, could mean they looked at the dashboard for a CEL, or did a workshop diagnostics procedure, to load/stress/heat testing a part. Not everyone’s effort or care-factor is the same (and that applies to all professions). And in many cases it’s inversely proportional to the size of the company, pay grade, and level of responsibilities, so talking to the Manager means very little.

I would never assume any person, no matter their title, years on the job, or company they worked for, to have automatically done the most thorough job possible. Because it rarely ever happens these days (chargeability). If they did, they would tell you exactly what they did, and to what extent they went to to isolate the problem (people who are conscientious are also conscious about what others may think of their work. So they do want you to know that they actually did try their best to source the issue).

To at least have a proper look, they should have tested voltage and resistance of wiring harness to and from the sensor, checked that the sensor was clean and seated correctly, looked for corrosion on all plugs and connectors, and as Remco mentions, waveform tested the sensor.

If there are any other electrical components on the same line, they could also be checked, in case they maybe be causing a voltage drop.

Also look for any new aftermarket electronics that might be fitted to the vehicle, as they could cause an interference with electrical sensors.

PT Cruisers apparently had lots of problems with their camshaft sensors, which caused a lot of distress for owners (even though it was a easy fix). It would be worth searching for any history of issues with that part on your model.

If you’re handy, it might be worth doing some trouble shooting of your own. That way you know exactly what has been checked, and will have a better idea if your mechanic or dealer is giving you the run around, or flat out completely doesn’t know.
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