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I own a non-turbo 2010 Forester with 136K miles on it. CEL popped up during a 4.5 hour highway trip. Read code as a P0303 (misfire cylinder 3). I cleared the code to reset the CEL and to see if the same code re-appeared again. Approximately .400 miles later it did re-appear along with a P0304 (misfire cylinder 4). I do feel a shutter at around 1800 RPM particularly while decelerating under light load. I do not feel the shutter during idle or a faster RPMs on the highway. Original ignition components except for plugs changed at 75K miles. Original fuel system.

II pulled plug from cylinder 3 and it appears in excellent condition. I sprayed water onto the spark plug wire to attempt to cause the misfire, but no misfire occurred.

Question: Does this sound familiar to anyone here? What would be the first place to start? Plug-wire, injectors, coil, etc.

I really appreciate the group's opinion on this.
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