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2010 Minor Front End Damage - install XT hood?

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Hey all,

So I went on a trip to Vermont for the weekend in my wife's 2010 2.5X MT, and unfortunately had to drive through a large tree that fell in the middle of the road, there was no way to avoid it with oncoming cars, a car behind me, and about 2inches of slush on the ground. We were much more fortunate than a lot of the other people I saw on the road that evening, we just kept driving through, and I definitely account some of that to my Subaru. I have not popped the hood yet to see if there is any damage further than the visual stuff in the front, which seems to be a broken headlight, broken grill, and probably a hood replacement. I'm thinking of doing some changes here, have the sport grill installed, and maybe have an XT hood installed. Is there any downside to having the XT hood put in? I have an 06 XT, and it is visually appealing to me, and doesn't bother me when driving. I just didn't know if it would fit or if there were any other issues with it. I know its only visual as there is no top mount intercooler, not trying to be a turbo, just look cooler (in my opinion)



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