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I have a 2010 Subaru Forester and have been having intermittent starting issues for 2 months. The car turns, clicks, and makes all of the noises you would expect to start but it does not start.
To start off, this first occurred while on vacation. It would not start, the battery was tested and had power. It was taken to a mechanic who said it was throwing no codes but they couldn’t start it. After 8 hours of trying it randomly started for them so I drove it straight home with no diagnosis. I brought it to a dealership and they said the head gasket was blown and most likely coolant was causing it to not start. I had it double checked by another mechanic (who did the gasket replacement later) who confirmed the issue. Fast forward to when I get the car back and it still has intermittent starting issues. I’ll leave it for 10 minutes and it won’t start, then I sit for 5 minutes and it starts again. This can happen overnight, randomly, whenever. My mechanic and I have gone over everything we can think of. Crank sensor, anti theft system, throttle body, fuel pump, starter, battery connection, and so far everything is fine. We put a new crank sensor and new throttle body in (free of charge until the issue is resolved) still intermittent starting. Has anyone had this issue before? The biggest issue is that it isn’t happening when I give it to my mechanic, so they can’t see what is happening. Every time I call my mechanic after it occurs, 5 minutes later the car starts. This is so frusturating. Just to reiterate, the car turns, clicks, tries to turn on, but just doesn’t. My mechanic is honest and is being very fair about not charging me until we figure out the root of the problem. I’m not being charged for any replacements that aren’t the solution
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