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I would not accept the results of this test as being conclusive. :shake:

1. I would liked to have seen more precision in lining up the mark on the tire. Just eyeballing it as being verticle leaves a lot of wiggle room for error.
2. More importantly, I do not believe testing this over a length of one or two rotations is accurate enough. The variations over that short a distance will easily be undetected by the measurement methodology (two guys with a tape measure)

To be accurate, this test needs to be conducted over a much longer distance, but that would also cause more constraints on measurement.

Scientifically, two guys with a tape measure over 1 or 2 rotations is not a condusive test... Especially when it is done once.

Conduct this test over a measured and controlled mile and under controlled circumstances and repeat the test a few hundred times and then we might be getting close to a conclusive test.

Few theories are tested by doing them only once :icon_idea:
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