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2010 forester
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2010 Forester automatic transmission, 3,600 miles
For the last week or 2 I have noticed that everyday when I drive home from work (14 miles) when I come to the 2 stop signs at the end of my drive, when I go to pull out from the stop signs there is a brief transmission lag before I feel the vehicle respond to the accelerator. This is pulling out on a slight uphill grade. Once or twice i could feel the transmission catch with a slight "quick grab" like a downshift, all the other times it almost felt like the transmission didn't grap 100% for a 1/2 second then got full power.
I live in Northeast Pa and this has happened in cold weather (at or below freezing--coldest being 15 degrees) Roadway has been dry.
i did not notice this during warmer weather.

I have an appointment at the dealer in a week for the computer reprogram for the catalytic converter and I'm going to add this problem to the job. Just wondering if anyone had similar problem or if this was a normal quirk of the forester.

thanks fo all info in advance.
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