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Hey, wondering what peoples thoughts are on a '10 Limited with 76k for under $12k? It is in very good condition, immaculate service records and the shop said they would split the cost of the 100k service with me since I mentioned the head gasket thing and said that having the timing belt and water cooler replaced would prevent head gasket issue and would be good for another 100k (lol). Need to check the VIN and see what pops up but I've looked at a lot of 11s-13s that are in way worse shape than this one which was really very nice. Thoughts? The engines blow up on these?
It seems a bit high, but that's just me. If its in really good condition it could be OK. Doing the timing belt has nothing to do with HG So right away they are feeding you b.s. When doing the service all idlers (3), tensioner, and water pump need replaced no matter what they say.

If this car being sold by a dealer?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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