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hey all, I had been looking at new wheel and tire options for my 2010 forester for a little while to replace the original Michelin defenders. after pricing out some new replacements i began looking at used options so I could also replace the 16" steelies that came with my base model Forester. I managed to track down a set of 2016 Subaru Crosstrek wheels wrapped with Yokohama Geolandars. They had 15k miles on them with plenty of tread left, and at 300 bucks they were half as much as a new set of tires. I just had discount tire bolt them up this morning and I gotta say I like them WAY better than the original wheels, and they fit fine with no rubbing. I will try and post an update after taking the forester on the highway and off-roading, and possibly some MPG updates if that happens to change much.

So I did some research before hand and as for comparing tire sizes this is what I found:

Original Michelin Defenders 215/65R16 on steel wheels. they are 27" tall 8.5" wide according to and according to a basic bathroom scale weigh in at 46.1lbs with the plastic hubcaps.

Yokohama Geolandar 225/55R17 on 2016 Crosstrek wheels. they are 26.7" tall and 8.9" wide according to the same site above and weighed in at 46.8lbs on the same scale (they felt lighter when taking them out of the back of the car but Idk)

Additionally, I did not swap the TPMS sensors from the steel to crosstrek wheels. Im not sure if they are working but the light is not on or flashing like I speculated, I will try and post updates about that as well.


stock Subaru wheels and hubcaps:

Crosstrek Wheels:

I hope this helps someone out there,

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