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MY05 Forester XS Manual + Low
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Hi all,

My car has just hit it's 200,000th birthday. It's an Australian delivered MY05 (sep '04 build) 2.5 XS N/A SOHC with 5MT plus low range.

I want to give it a good refresh of basically anything I can get to in my driveway at home, before getting the timing belt done at 220 (it was initially done at 125). My list at the moment is:

- Clean EGR valve
- replace brake fluid
- replace clutch fluid
- replace rear diff oil
- replace Power steering fluid
- engine oil and filter, with flush (15w-50 with genuine filter)
- change spark plugs
- change fuel filter
- change air filter
- change cabin air filter
- replace drive belts
- Clean throttle body
- use injector cleaner
- check brake pads all round
- check cv Boots all round
- check shocks all round
- check the exhaust system
- check engine hoses
- replace rocker cover gaskets and spark plug seals

Recently done (in the last 20,000 or so):
- clutch replaced, gearbox oil changed, clutch fork replaced
- brakes changed
- radiator changed

My questions for the experts of the forum are:

- in my car, will I be able to do the rocker cover gaskets and spark plug seals at home? I really don't want to Jack the engine up to do that, which I have seen discussed here.
- I will use genuine parts for the oil filter, fuel filter, rocker cover gaskets and spark plugs. Should I use genuine parts for anything else?
- is there anything on the list which I require special tools for, or needs a lot of care taken? Any tips and tricks?
- is there anything I've missed?

Apologies for the long post. Any advice appreciated!
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