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Hi friends,

I have a 09 Subaru forester, about 150xxxkm, and has been lovely so far.

Today I drove it a wee bit, to get groceries etc, with no issues. I went to a friend's place, and half an hour later, I got into the car and lights were blinking with the click of a turn signal.

The outside lights were not blinking, but the low beam icon and sterio background lights were blinking with the click. When I tried to start it, just clicks didn't turn over.

I thought this was strange because I drove it recently, and the battery is 5 months old. I checked with a reader for codes, and no codes. I unplugged the battery, cleaned the connectors, waited for 5 minutes, still the same thing. I tried to get the car jumped by a friend, no dice.

Very weird, I talked to a friend who is an apprentice mechanic and a place that gets a bunch of Subarus, he says he's never heard of it.

Any ideas would be wonderful, otherwise, I'll be getting it towed to a shop on Monday.


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Hi Ben,

sorry to hear of your issues and yes that does sound unusual. I'll assume you've had the car since new, and no mods have been performed and no major damage/failures/floods during its lifespan.

I'd suggest this almost sounds like a grounding or power supply issue. To that end, check all the wiring harness connectors for security/nothing loose- e.g. the ones to the ECU, dashboard, under the dash, in engine bay, fuse box etc. Also check the wiring harness for any damage- maybe something's chewed on the wires, causing either broken wires or worse, shorts.

That's two relatively simple (if rather tedious) things to start, otherwise you may have a dud computer component/unit somewhere.

Good luck!
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