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2009 - P0600 and P1718 - where to start?

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I had the same codes come up yesterday while driving. A whole bunch of dash lights came on, vehicle dynamics, AT Oil, brakes, ABS, temp light flashing red to blue, ck engine, and air bag.

It also would not let me move the shifter out of drive when I pulled over to see what was going on. I could go into neutral, but not reverse or park. After I turned the car off and then put the key back to on position, I could finally move it from drive to reverse or park.

Other strange thing is that when I put on my code reader, which I have used lots of times on the car and used recently, it says no link if the car is running, but it will give me two codes if it is not running but key is in the on position, but it won't let me erase the codes.

Codes are p0600 and p1718. If I unplug the TCM, then I just get the 0600 code and some of the lights go off, the AT Oil one in particular.

Last few days I have smelled a very faint smell of plastic burning, so there could be some short or something somewhere, but no idea where to start.

I was thinking of just replacing the TCM as that is easy to access and pretty cheap for a used one, but not sure that will fix the problem.

Any ideas?
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Did you ever figure out what the problem was???
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