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2009 Limited doesn't have heated windshield wipers?

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I have a 2009 Forester that is listed as a Limited and has all of the Limited features including heated leather seats, fog lights, etc. but it doesn't have heated windshield wipers. Was this not part of the Limited trim package for 2009?
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Looks like it:
2009 Subaru Forester

Perhaps that's not the original windshield?
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Was this not part of the Limited trim package for 2009?
The All Weather Package didn't come into being until May / June 2008 - if your car was manufactured before then, it may not have the defrosting windscreen wiper section.

It's hard to tell for sure from the historical records if the early MY 2009 Limiteds (manufactured early 2008) came with heated seats and foglights exclusive of the All Weather Package, but it looks like they did. This may explain why yours doesn't have the defrosting windscreen wiper section.
Thanks guys, I'll have to check my vin sticker to see when mine was manufactured. Is there anything else included in the cold weather package besides the heated seats, wipers and mirrors?
That's the main part of the package - my dealer also included the all weather mats, too.
With the long lasting winter, anti-slip rocks covered road here in my province cracked windshield are very very common, and usually when people are replacing it they don't want to spend the big bucks on a heated one. Maybe that's why you loosed the feature... But really, I have it on my '11 and I could be living without very easily. Pre-warming your car is the key during cold weather and if you know they are broadcasting freezing rain leave your wipers in the air (during parking ofc)
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