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2009 Forester with 150k miles or 2013 Forester with 160k miles???

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Looking for a little runabout for my dad. I'm more familiar with older Outbacks, though. I'm looking at both cars available for the same about of money - about $6k. Are there any warning flags for the 2013 - I've heard horror stories about the CVT...when did those start going in? I'm more familiar with the tech and issues on the 2009 motor and have done a few head gasket replacements and a motor swap. Carfax says that the 2009 has had the HG on the 2009 replaced already. Should the 2013 be viable, what are some of the things I should be looking at? Both are very tidy cars and I think my dad would be happy with either. The Carfax for the 2013 shows that the oil was replaced every 5k miles along with other services.
Anyway...sorry for the urgency of my request to the community...I'm off to see the 2013 tomorrow morning (and 200 miles away I might add).

Thanks again.

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