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Hello guys, is the 2009 Forester reliable?

What issues are common and what about the oil consumption?

I'm looking to purchase a 2009 Forester premium with only 50K miles. It seems well taken care of.
Lots of maintenance records (scary) but kept up at a Subaru dealership.

The spark plugs were replaced as well as the osv solenoid valve and bunch of other stuff. They also replaced the cover valve gaskets.

Question regarding the timing belt, can I go on w/o changing the timing belt now since the Forester only has 50K miles or should I get it done now?
I believe the manual calls for 105K miles.

Also, the price on the Forester is about $10,500. New tires on it too.

Is this a reliable Forester or should I just get a newer one?

Even ball joints were worn and replaced.

It's so much money spent (previous owner) and I'm concern about the forester now being reliable and living my wife and kids stranded.

What you do you guys think?

thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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