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2009 Forester 2.0 XS
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Hi to all from Athens, Greece.
i read through a lot of staff about my issue, also i read .
My issue, is not the idle, but the starting itself. The starter seems to work, but sometimes the engine starts with the 2nd or 3rd attempt. Also once it started ok, but cranked slowly about a second, before catching up to 1500 RPM.
My mileage is at 13,500 Km (about 8,500 miles).
Also i noticed, that the problem is there for sure when i have the door open.

I noticed the owners manual, writes the correct procedure to follow, in such cases, and says:
a) wait 10 secs, then press the throttle pedal at 25%, then switch engine on,
if not ok, then
b) wait 10 secs, then press the throttle pedal at full throttle, then switch engine on,
if not ok then
c) just switch on the engine without throttle,
if not ok
d) call SUBARU

Is the same written in your american forester manuals as well?
if so, does the above paragraph imply that steps a)-->c) are considered normal?
And if so, what can cause this "normal" behavior?

I had a mazda 323, and a subaru impreza AWD 1.6 (yes you heard right!!! 1600 cc), and never had anything like that.

I own the car new since April, and except this and a sound/rattle from rear/right (which i forgot:icon_rolleyes:), the car has been an absolute pleasure:icon_biggrin:

Thanx for any info!

1998 forester s
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sounds like the starting procedure is more for trying to start a flooded engine. how long has this been going on? is it recent, could you have gotten some bad fuel, any engine codes, kinda sounds like a weak ignition coil, or the fuel pressure might be leaking down, but on such a new car? in north america you would be under warranty and if the same goes there i would let the dealer look at it and make them give you a loner car. my aunts 09 idle will go up and down a bit when cold , dealer says it has to do with the new partial zero emmisions engine, not sure if the same system used where you live, try turning key on wait till fuel pump buzz stops, turn key off , repeat a couple times before cranking. if it starts better would indicate a fuel pressure problem
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