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I just got done re-sealing everything under the timing cover, as well as a full timing belt job on our '09 XT. As soon as I got that middle timing cover off, it was very obvious the awful leak was coming from the crank seal, which was just replaced 7k miles ago by the previous owner.

It had protruded out so far that I was able to just pull it the rest of the way out with my fingers. Luckily, I had prepared to re-seal the oil pump while everything was apart, so I pulled it off & found two more things that seemed off. First, the shape of the o-ring-

It was just sitting in the block shaped like this, did not get damaged during removal. Second, these two philips screws on the back of the oil pump-

I know that it's fairly common to see these two screws back out slightly on EJ25 motors. Luckily I read about this before diving in, so I cleaned up the threads, applied some blue thread locker (didn't have red on hand) and got them as tight as I could. Tried loosening the other three but they wouldn't budge, so I left them alone & put everything back together with some Hondabond HT & a new o-ring.

My questions are-

Does anyone know why these two specific screws are always the ones that seem to come loose on Subie oil pumps?
I read that these screws being loose can causes pressurized oil to get behind the crank seal & push it out. Is that true? Does their being loose cause low oil pressure throughout the rest of the engine?
Regarding the o-ring, any ideas why it would have distorted like that? Could that have been causing issues as well?

I'm letting the Hondabond cure overnight, we'll see how she runs & holds together tomorrow! A little before & after of the timing assembly for fun-

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